New Review

Hepsebah Hepplewhite at your service!  Here’s another one, my friends!  

Dan Brown has done it again, merging factual history with folklore and adventure in this spellbinding work of fiction.  

Set in modern Washington, D.C., we get to meet our old friend Robert Langdon, the Harvard-bred world-reknowned world historian and symbologist.  Privileged to get intimate peeks into Robert’s brilliant mind, we get to glimpse his knowledge and understanding of the current world we live in, based on the endless studies and expertise of his knowledge of the mysterious past.  Robert is pulled into a mystery of life-threatening proportions set in motion by a phone call from an old friend in Washington, D.C., but quickly realizes that not all was well.  

Dan Brown artfully and skillfully takes us through a visual panorama of time and history as we follow Robert Langdon’s quest to make sense of it all.  History, time, philosophy, world power, faith----he rolled it all into one, brilliantly setting it all in the mind of Robert Langdon.  

The Lost Symbol  is the third book of four that centers around the Robert Langdon character.  Authors abound in today’s world, but few of them can create Imaginative Art like Dan Brown.  With his grasp of modern vocabulary and his use of his own visionary expertise, there are very few authors that can paint the same vivid and bold pictures in the minds of every reader who picks up his books.  Rare is the author that can transport a reader through time and space.  Rare is the author that can captivate and enrich the mind.   Dan Brown is one of those rarities.  

I highly recommend this Book; not just for entertainment value, but for education’s sake, as well.  The wealth of factual knowledge in this book is priceless.  

So, read on, my friends!  Enjoy!  Learn!  Experience!    This one is a keeper!