WordWellness Support Column

• Supports you in your newly discovered awareness of your purpose, with the continuous help of a qualified mentor

• Supports you as you learn and experience the Laws of Conscious Creation.

• Supports you as you progress in creating positive results in your life, while removing personal obstacles with the help of a WordWellness Certified Belief Breakthrough Specialist.

• Supports you as you train to become a more powerful creator of your future, while arming you with the tools and understanding to help others do the same.  

• Supports you as you lay claim upon the endless possibilities that are available to you now, and guides you into how to implement those possibilities.

The Mission of Word Wellness Support
  • The ideal of the Word Wellness Support program is to continue to help the client refine their purpose with the support of the WordWellness Community and ongoing availability of effective tools, thereby helping the client know with clarity the next inspired steps they are to make in the immediate future. This is a more revealing program than that of the Discovery program, as action is encouraged to make the desired changes in the client’s life to meet their purposeful goals. In this program we help the client set the emotional, mental and physical climate to establish the firm foundation that will support the actual implementation and fruition of their purpose. Basically, to take it from discovery, to intentional thought and action, preparing for the next program; Build.
    • The clients will continue to experience weekly one on one belief breakthrough sessions with a certified coach on the clients journal entries.
    • The client will get training on coaching techniques and will get experience with coaching others on Belief Breakthrough.

    • The Client will get one on one training on presenting on both the stage and in workshop and home networking settings.


      What you get
Orientation Starter packet
  • Introduction, getting started instructions
  • Laminated words and definitions

  • WordWellness tracker
Mentor Presentation Training
  • Stage presence

  • Home networking presentation and training

  • Belief Breakthrough training clinicals

  • Event operations and presentation training

  • Limiting Belief pattern recognition and guidance training

    Advanced membership to The Parthenons Word Wellness support program vault
  • High value classes

  • Custom Support Column tutorials

  • Podcasts

  • Articles

  • Book reviews and recommendations

    Free Event Admissions!

    Upon completion of this course you will receive:
  • Word Wellness Belief Breakthrough Specialist Certification

  • Box of personalized The Parthenons LLC customized Word Wellness Specialist business cards

  • Formal invitation to join The Parthenons LLC Word Wellness Presentation Team