WordWellness Discovery Column

• Discover an understanding of the frequency of our words and to use them more powerfully to elicit positive and dramatic change in our lives.

• Discover the profound effects of Belief Breakthrough and the incredible advantages of the guidance of a qualified mentor and WordWellness Certified Belief Breakthrough Specialist.

• Discover your specific purpose and refine your understanding of your purpose.

• Discover a new confidence in yourself that will help propel you into the next.

Start the Journey and Discover

The Mission of WordWellness Discovery.

  • The ideal of the Word Wellness Discovery Program is to help our clients discover who they really are.
  • We will create an environment with which our clients will discover their purpose, what sets them apart and makes them unique.
  • Our clients will experience weekly one on one belief breakthrough with a certified coach on the clients journal entries.

What you get

Orientation packet to get you started
  • Intro getting started instructions
  • Laminated words and definitions
  • WordWellness Program Tracker
  • WordWellness/ The Parthenons snail mail invitations 20ct.
Access to The Parthenons discovery vault
  • Articles
  • Book reviews and recommendations
  • Word Wellness tutorials
  • Membership on private WordWellness support group
  • Coupons and Discounts in the Parthenons retail store
  • Coupons and Discounts for further programs

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