Defining Choices: What Choices are we really letting define our beliefs and our lives?

By Rhett Davenport

We all have events in our lives that define who we are and who we want to be. Some of us have experienced traumatic experiences that either happened to us, to a family member, or a close friend. Others have faced events in their lives that they were subjected to immense fear or misunderstanding. From these events, the human mind decides what it can get us to  avoid, to prevent  getting caught in a similar situation again.  So, based on the understanding of that trauma or misperception, we make choices from then on that direct our path. Our perceptions are the roadmaps to beliefs we form and the direction we go in our lives.
All of us are on different paths, with different experiences occurring in our lives, and different choices staring us down. If our perceptions truly are roadmaps to our beliefs, how do we make the right choices that will lead us in the direction we want our lives to go?  Each of us needs to know where we want to go so we can make the right choices in our lives.
As a child in elementary school I remember going through the D.A.R.E  program which was designed to help children make the choice to not use drugs and alcohol.  The idea behind the program was, if we had made a decision before faced with the challenge, we would remember that decision when we were offered drugs and alcohol. A defining choice for my life has been to avoid drugs and alcohol. The basis of my decision came from me wanting to remain in control of my body and actions, having a clear mind to make decisions. In this instance, I recognized a decision that has defined my life.
Many of us have recognized a few of the decisions we have made at such junctures in our lives, but most of our choices, having been formed on early life experiences,  lie beneath the surface in our subconscious thoughts as we go about our daily lives, being housed in the 90% of our brain that we don’t use in full awareness.  This puts a large amount of our behaviors and actions on “auto pilot”.
Some of these subconscious choices we have made have been hanging around since our early childhood, directing our path in life without us fully realizing that we are living our lives on a decision we made when we were four or five, or even younger.  One of the decisions I discovered that was ruling my life was made when I was around four. That very decision created a belief that kept me from living to my full potential and kept me from doing what I felt I needed to do.

Just like the idea behind the D.A.R.E.  program, our subconscious decisions are brought to the surface of our emotions and trigger us when we are faced with a decision that could contradict a choice we made previously. Every decision we make has the potential to be a defining choice in our lives.

How many of you want choices that you made as a four-year-old ruling the path you are now taking in your life and the decisions you are making now?  I know I don’t.  As a four-year-old kid I had a lot of misconceptions about life and the world.  So, what am I doing about it?

I found a program called WordWellness, which helps people find their limiting beliefs that came about by misguided perceptions and decisions  as children. By discovering what choice I made and the belief that was created from that choice, I have been able to break through obstacles that were once defining my life. I now have the ability to make conscious decisions that will define the direction I go in my life. You too can change the beliefs formed by defining decisions and creating  new beliefs.  Because of WordWellness, we can help you redefine yourself.

Defining Choices: What Choices are we really letting define our beliefs and our lives?
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