Alternate reality? What about altering reality?


By Rhett Davenport

In quantum physics, there is an idea which scientists have termed “alternate reality”.  The idea of alternate realities is based on choices, with each reality coming from a person making a different choice in his or her life. Books and movies have promoted the Idea for decades that alternate realities have versions of each of us with better and worse scenarios.  Many of us have dreamed of a better reality and some wish that we could go to one or another of these alternate realities to  live the life we always wanted because they believe that what they envision in this reality is unattainable.  The basic “grass is greener” syndrome. What is truly holding them back from making their current  reality the reality they really want? Do we really need alternate realities to get what we want in life?
Imagine that the life you really want is available to you by changing the way you think!  The possibilities are endless!   Our thoughts have been proven to influence the choices in our lives. If each choice we make takes us down a different path in our life, changing some of the  decisions we make with the choices we have could potentially change everything for us!
So how do we go about changing our thinking? Our thinking is influenced by experiences  we have had early on  in our lives. Our brain uses the memories of our experiences to create beliefs, using the data the brain has collected to predict the outcome of what will happen if we do certain things.
Growing up we have all had experiences when our brain gets the data it collects a little skewed from the truth of the situation. As a child, I remember watching the movie, The Labyrinth, starring David Bowie. At the age of four, I didn’t understand what was going on in the movie and the monsters that were shown in the movie scared me. As an adult, I watched the movie again, curious to figure out what the movie was really about, having discovered through other experiences that monsters, as they are presented in the movie, aren’t real. I not only misunderstood what the movie was about as a child, but as an adult I felt foolish for fearing the movie.
Just like what happened to me with the movie, each of us have made decisions not fully understanding what we were seeing. Many of our beliefs are formed from data that the brain didn’t fully understand, but was trying to make sense of at the time a situation was presented for the first time.  This is the birth of what we call “limiting beliefs”.  Over time, we build our lives on the foundations of those limiting beliefs, wondering why things don’t work, why we keep having recurring, looping problems and can’t seem to get ahead in certain areas of our lives.  When we are functioning in misperceptions which occurred early in life, we begin to operate in dysfunctions.  This is the frightening power of limiting beliefs.
What would happen if those limiting beliefs were no longer influencing our thoughts and choices, having been erased and replaced by the truth?  What would  we want in our lives now,  but has in the past seemed unattainable to us? What limiting beliefs are holding us back?
If we are making our decisions based on true beliefs, our thinking would be changed from the way many of us think now. Each of us has made decisions about ourselves that are based on limiting beliefs, so it stands to reason that  when those beliefs no longer exist, the truth about ourselves that replaces that erroneous thinking gives us a different way to think about ourselves. This leads to different choices. Which alters our future, creating a different, new reality.
Do we really need to dream about living in an alternate reality?  The way I see it, we don’t have to dream about alternate realities to get what we are looking for in life, we just have to change our beliefs that limit us. We don’t need an alternate reality!  What we really need is to alter reality in truths, so  that we can create what we want in our lives.  Let us quit dreaming of an alternate reality!  Rather,  let us alter  our reality into the future we really want:  a future where hopes and dreams become real.

Alternate reality? What about altering reality?
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