By Rhett Davenport

Thoughts are a Big Deal!


Every day we have so many different thoughts running through our minds, each thought taking us to something or somewhere different. It is estimated that we average from 12,000- 70,000 thoughts a day meaning we are constantly moving in our minds. Some of those thoughts are trivial thoughts like “it’s hot today” while others draw the roadmap to where our life is headed. That’s right, I said that our thoughts draw the roadmap of our life. How can that be? The skeptic in you may be trying to prove me wrong. Have you ever had an experience where you had the recurring thought that something good was going to happen? Or maybe something that you wanted wasn’t going to happen?
So many times, we allow our thoughts to take root in our lives. For example, the other day my family went fishing. It was the first time some of my family has done that in quite some time. We all had fun being together but there were a few in my family that had negative thoughts that adversely affected their experience. My younger brother thought that his fishing pole was what he called “broken”, which it wasn’t.  He just wasn’t catching any fish, so of course it was the pole’s fault. From this recurring thought that his fishing pole was broken, he struggled most of the time with his fishing pole. My sister had the thought that she wasn’t going to catch any fish which led to the expectation that she wouldn’t catch anything at all. At the end of our time fishing, she hadn’t caught anything. In both instances members of my family put belief to their thoughts and created a self-fulfilled prophecy…….no fish.

All of us do it. Perhaps not with fish, but maybe when we are applying for our dream job, taking part in a raffle, making a bet, or even wanting a specific gift or experience in our lives. Those of us who think that we can have the desired result and turn it into a belief, end up with what we want. Unfortunately, we allow thoughts of doubt to creep into our dreams and desires, which in turn creates a negative belief.

It happens with money.

It happens with the circumstances we are in. it happens all around us because we are powerful beings with the ability to create things around us. We are so good at creating that we create things without even recognizing it. So how do we break free from these self-inflicted, self-created negative experiences and events in our lives? We need to change our thinking. Every thought we have has the potential to root itself into our lives and grow into a roadblock that holds us back, or it has the potential to enhance the experiences of our lives. Our thoughts can create a paradise for us. We all know what it looks like for us, letting it drive us to work harder, longer, and seek more money.

What if it didn’t take us working harder and longer?

If we simply change our thinking, we can create opportunities to live our paradise.

It is said that successful millionaires think differently than others. Having been around many millionaires, I found out what that meant. I found, when I was around them, they didn’t doubt themselves or what they were trying to accomplish. They didn’t express thoughts of failure or lacking skills. Quite the opposite was true.
1.They expressed their ability to succeed despite the odds.
2.They didn’t talk down on themselves,
3.They knew what they were capable of.
4. Their thoughts were consciously on success and they didn’t allow anything else in that would get in their way.

So how do you change your thinking? Through WordWellness , I have been able to change my thinking. How did I do this?

I discovered who I am and what I am capable of.

If you are tired of your negative thoughts taking root in your life and creating roadblocks for you, I would strongly encourage you to try WordWellness and find out who you really are and what you are capable of. By finding who you are and what you are capable of, you too can think differently and create your paradise.

Thoughts, Whats The Big Deal?
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