Got Purpose?

By Rhett Davenport

Have you ever felt like you were missing something in your life when you were doing everything you could to be successful and it wasn’t bringing the desired results? Have you felt like you were finding a sort of success in life but didn’t find fulfilment and happiness in it? I have, and it sure wasn’t fun. I went to work where others would see me as a successful person in my job,
but for me it wasn’t cutting it. I didn’t have fulfilment in my job and I wasn’t happy there.

While having these experiences and feelings going to work, I was talking to a friend about it and they asked me something that changed my life. My friend, after hearing what I was going through, asked me if I knew what my purpose was. I was caught off guard. My purpose? I had never considered that I might have a purpose. What a novel concept! I began to search for my purpose, having a desire to know what my purpose is and how I could go about fulfilling it.

I found while searching for my purpose, I had missed the signs that had been right in front of me the whole time! How could I have been so blind? We have been taught that animals have a purpose in life, each varying one from another. And that plants each have a purpose, also varying. How had I not had the thought that we had a purpose too, when everything else around us does? In my search for my purpose I found others who were discontented with their jobs.

While talking with a co-worker about my desire to find a job that I found fulfilling, a job that I could truly be happy doing, I found a limiting belief that so many of us have accepted in life as a truth, but is not. I had even accepted it. It showed itself thus: my co-worker told me that it was good if I could find a job that would meet my requirements because very few people were happy or felt fulfillment in their jobs. What the…?!? I was blown away again! Do that many people not know their unique purpose?

I came to realize that most people out there are like I was, not realizing they have a specific purpose for being on this planet. They aren’t doing what they are meant to do. Each of us has a specific purpose that takes the gifts and abilities we have to accomplish our unique reason for being here. All of those years of trying to fit in and feeling like an outsider was really just me trying to find my purpose…….without realizing it.

That thought hit me like a ton of bricks. Imagine where we could be if we knew that we have a purpose! How many of us would be finally living our dreams? Knowing we have a purpose is a big deal! The idea that we have something to do in our lives that will bring us happiness and fulfillment is exhilarating.

I came to discover my purpose through a program called WordWellness. WordWellness is a program specially designed to help you discover, understand and live your purpose. With the aid of a Certified WordWellness Specialist and Mentor, WordWellness helped me discover my purpose and is helping me remove the limiting beliefs that have stopped me in the past from living my purpose. I am now intentionally living my life with my particular purpose in my, and no longer feel like I am missing something, no longer feeling like I am not getting the desired results from my work. Happiness and fulfilment are available for everyone, and through WordWellness, you too can find your purpose and learn how to live it.

If you are tired of dragging yourself out of bed to go and do something that makes you miserable, I would urge you to do what has brought me the very happiness and fulfilment I was looking for. Let WordWellness help you take your life by the horns and remove the things that are holding you back. Discover your purpose through WordWellness and make getting out of bed something to look forward to!

Got Purpose?
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