Conscious Vs. Subconscious

By Larry Wilcock

To Believe or to Not Believe?

Head to head, which will win?

The point of psychoanalysis is to really understand the roots of your behavior. Understand why you are doing the things you’re doing —- and connect your unconscious to your conscious.  Tucker Max

Sigmund Freud presented to the world in his day, the Topography of Mind theory; or, Freud’s Iceberg theory.  It has since been proven to be true, with science being able to visually map the brain.  It is no longer a theory, but rather the Topography of Mind Science.  


It is the 10%/90% ratio that is so alarming.  Here we all have this amazing brain, and we are only aware of and consciously using only 10% of it.  What the heck is the other 90% doing?!?


Freud illustrates it thus.  Our brain is like an iceberg:  Only 10% of it is visible above the water line.  The other 90% is submerged under the water, not visible to normal awareness.


In the conscious part of our brain we have

  1. Willpower
  2. Analysis (logic)
  3. Decisions


In the unconscious part of the brain, the larger 90% portion, we have

  1. Beliefs
  2. Values
  3. Emotions
  4. Habits
  5. Imagination
  6. Intuition


Freud believed, and has since received scientific validation for those beliefs, that the unconscious mind could be brought into conscious awareness, and really popularized the term phycho-analysis. He felt that through digging around in the subconscious, the conscious mind would expand, gradually overtaking the unconscious mind, increasing the percentage balance in favor of the conscious mind.


Although there are still some skeptics in the field, there is a new trend coming forward.  Einstein began studying and analyzing the mathematical implications of Freud’s theory.


He determined that all thought, feeling, logistical process, intuition, imagination, habit, emotion, especially beliefs, and decisions all operated on the premise that everything is energy.  Or, in other words, frequency/energy.  


Einstein was in the process of trying to prove it with mathematical formulas when he died, his greatest excitement being the beginning of the E=Mc^2 theory.  The theory of relativity.  He wrote volumes on what he understood about  it, and his explanation was lengthy and complicated. Hence his desire to simplify it in a simple formula.


What if we could bring that 90% into conscious awareness?  What if we could know why we do what we do? What if we could be so clear on every perception and belief that we didn’t have to guess or wonder at anything anymore?  What if we could operate in our subconscious with the same intent as we do the conscious mind? What if?


It was Freud’s theory that, if we could uncover the 90% unconscious mind and fully understand it, that it would solve all of humanity’s dysfunctions.


Einstein took it further, setting out to prove that man could actually act and move with such incredible power, having all thought, intention, emotion, belief, etc., become consciously linked into full awareness, to the degree that thought and action would become one, moving at the speed of light, or even faster. It was Einstein who was instrumental in connecting Freud’s theory to quantum physics.


The emerging trend is that we can access the subconscious mind at any time, to varying degrees.  Though the study of the mind has been going on for generations, many methods have been tried, again, with varying degrees of success. However, never before has there been so many methods out there that are showing greater success rates. Granted, there is a  definite lo here, lo there struggle, as one method might claim to be the answer, while another method competes and says, no, we have the answer, while yet others call out that theirs is the only way.


I have chased many of those methods, hoping that one or more of them would be the answer for me to help me explain the 90% unexplained in my brain.


At risk of sounding like another voice competing with the others, I believe I have found something that works better than the others.


It is called Belief Breakthrough.  A process that goes into the psyche and the hidden recesses to uncover limiting beliefs, correct the belief, replace the belief with a truth and bring it all up to the conscious level to be analyzed and understood.  And with it comes relief.  Healing.  Peace.  Purpose.


Word Wellness does this.  Word Wellness has trained specialists who are certified and qualified to gently and safely walk people through this process, helping them identify the limiting beliefs that hold them back, that keep them from achieving the greatness they know they have inside. The unexplainable is no longer unexplainable.

Through Word Wellness and working with a trained mentor, the unconscious is brought into the conscious, and people are finding and exposing the patterns that have sabotaged their lives or kept them from reaching their potential. It is quick and effective.


Give it a try! The only things you have to lose are all those pesky limiting beliefs!

Conscious Vs Subconscious
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