Recommended Reading From the desk of Hepsebah Hepplewhite


Break Through

By Hung Pham

Break Through by Hung Pham is a self-development book, which appears to have been originally written as an e-book. One of several that he has written, Mr. Pham outlines what he says have been tried and proven steps to success. Though he insists that success isn’t defined by money, he does believe that money is a byproduct, or result, rather, of success.

The author illustrates in this book what he perceives are the 12 steps to success.

Mr. Pham starts his book rather shakily, making it obvious that he is not a studied author. Meaning, that he is,’t interested in writing as an art form, but is more interested in getting his point across, communicating concepts pragmatically rather than artistically visual. His approach is more as a presenter to an individual or audience in a classroom setting, the book taking on more of an instruction manual tone than that of just information.

The beginning chapter has several typos that erroneously lead the reader to entertain the thought that he is inexperienced and lacks credibility with his topic. However, the deeper into the book the reader gets, the more obvious it becomes that there is great value in his step by step instruction. He draws on his own successes and failures, thus gaining credibility with the reader by evidence of his own experience.

Mr. Pham keeps the principles and instructions in this book simple yet relates things to everyday life that makes it easy to understand. His bullet point directives are easy to follow, making the reader feel empowered to be able to follow the instructions in real, applicable life without complication or confusing questions.

Though it feels he is rushing through the concepts and explanations in the beginning, he removes any feelings of too broad or too nebulous when he discusses more in depth his instructions of action.

I found his book to be of value. It is a short and simple read, but gave plenty of content as to be a valuable asset to any reader.

I give this a 3 out of 5 bookmarks rating.