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Hepsebah Hepplewhite, here!  Here’s another winner, my friends!
Using his own life experiences, Gregory Downey very effectively and vulnerably offers written words of hope to those who have none, and offers more hope to those who have some, dangling ways to enrich what they already have.
Eloquent, yet simple, Mr Downey shares with the reader very personal things, some of his lowest times, some of his highest triumphs.  His words are colorful and illustrate a rich picture, helping the reader to feel as he felt, see what he saw.  What would normally be difficult concepts to explain, Mr. Downey does so with a simplicity and down-to-earth description that brings the broad and nebulous ideas and principles into very easy-to-understand practicality and understanding.  Weaving instruction into his personal journey seems to flow easily for him, and the reader can follow his line of logic very easily throughout.   What this reader particularly appreciated was how Mr. Downey leaves such clear, step by step instruction on how an individual can apply what he has learned through years of experience, making it possible to do what he has done, learn what he has learned, in a much simpler condensed period of time.  His honesty and candor make this book particularly appealing.  And the counsel he offers is thorough and valuable.
I give this 5 out of 5 bookmarks!

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