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The Most Common Limiting Beliefs

By Larry Wilcock

I have been doing this for a long time; helping people with their limiting beliefs, that is.   One of the main things that never ceases to amaze me is that every client, every person I have ever aided in Belief Breakthrough, seems to have the same list of limiting beliefs as all the others.  I used to even have that same list running through my head.   There are about thirty limiting beliefs that rear their ugly heads consistently, but I would like to focus on just a few of them.

  1. I am not good enough. 
  2. I don’t know how…
  3. I care too much what others think of me.
  4. I can’t.

And the big daddy of them all, the one that hides behind the others, the one that blows them all out of the water eventually…….

Wait for it……..wait for it……

  1. I am scared of myself and what I’m truly capable of.

This is the one I see the most.  And the one that rankles me the most.  And it’s the one that all the other limiting beliefs are covering up the most.  Sadly, I used to feel that way about myself.  Though it seems like a distant memory now, I definitely remember thinking I was scared to be myself, to stand up in my power as just the best me.  I was terrified that by doing so I was going to hurt someone.  I laugh out loud at how ludicrous that thought is now.  What, did I really believe I was going to shine so brightly I’d sunburn someone to death?  Or be so sharp-minded I’d put someone’s eye out?  I mean, really?!?  But no kidding!  I really felt that way!  Looking back, I think I was kinda full of myself.  Good grief.  Rubbish.  Absolute rubbish.

This is the thing;  I am finding that most people are good.  Just plain old good.  I am even starting to realize that some of the people I thought were bad, actually are not bad at all.  Come to find out, they’re as messed up as I had been for so long.  However, because most of us are good, if we were to stand up in our real selves, our real power, would we not do good things?  Why is it that we are so intent on not reaching our potential just because we might do something bad?  Or might make a mistake?

Let’s get real.  I would much rather try and fail, than never try at all.  Paralyzing myself in fear of the possibility of making a mistake ensures that nothing happens at all.  I would go nowhere, do nothing.  But worst of all, I wouldn’t learn a darned thing.  That was when I started to realize that mistakes could do for me what very few things could----and do it well.

Mistakes can show me what NOT to do!

Whoa, there, Nellie!  What the…?!?

Yep.  Cannot attach a value to that one.  Absolutely priceless.

  If there’s a fork in the road, and you already know which direction NOT to take, chances are you’re going to increase your success exponentially in getting to your destination.  It’s almost a guarantee of success!

We make things hard on ourselves, really.  We are so busy trying to figure out what we want out of life, that we neglect to simplify things by eliminating the things we know we don’t want.  Now there’s a wonderfully powerful thing to put on our to-do list.

“Today’s List of Things to Do”

  1. Find out where I don’t want to go.
  2. Discover what I don’t need.
  3. Know what I don’t want to do.
  4. Explore what I don’t want to waste my time on.

Etc., etc., etc.  Uh-huh.  That’s powerful.  Get those out of your way, and suddenly you can see clearly  what you DO want, what you do need, what you do want to spend your time on. 

L.I.B.E.R.A.T.I.N.G.  !!!!!!!!

So, to the limiting belief that “I am afraid to be the real me, and discover what I’m truly capable of”;  You gotta go.  Because the truth is, the world needs people who are willing to be their best selves with full-on turbo power of who they really are.

“But then I won’t fit in, because I won’t be ‘normal’ anymore.”

I’m gonna say it.  I don’t wanna stop myself.  I must not sit by and let that limiting belief live on anymore!  Gah!


The world is a scary place.  And in the last 5-10 years it seems to have gotten worse.  That’s what “being normal” has gotten us.

I am ready for that to change.  I am ready to be different, to shake it up a bit.  To be abnormal.

So, to all the things that hold us back, I say they need to be shed and trampled underfoot!  Let the clarion call go forth to start changing things around us for the better.  Abnormals, unite!

Let us no longer be afraid of who we really are!  Let us get fed up with who we aren’t, and kick ourselves good and hard in the butt to get a move-on and be our best and happiest selves.

Will we make mistakes?  Most assuredly.

Will we learn from them?  I’m pretty convinced that’s what they’re for.

Will we shine so brightly we sunburn people to death?  Nah!

Perhaps we will shine so brightly as to illuminate for others a path of happiness and confidence.  Perhaps we are so sharp-minded that we would not put someone’s eye out, but rather help them understand how to see more clearly.

So, for those of us who have been afraid of ourselves and who we really are, I would petition that we are the movers and shakers, not hiding, but hibernating.  Let’s wake up, stretch with a mighty yawn, shake off the sleep, get dressed and tackle the day without fear.  Be you.  The real you.  And put those fears to rest.